Introduction to Crowd marketing

Crowd1 among many other modern brands is turning towards crowd marketing as it is arguably the most efficient marketing method for reaching targeted audiences. With ever-increasing global interconnectivity, social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many others are dominating the crowd marketing industry. Since social media has become an integral part of people''s lives, the crowd marketing strategy that Crowd1 has adopted exceeds the influence and the exposure of traditional means of marketing by enabling products or services to be directly advertised to the desired customers. This article is intended to give you an introduction to the crowd marketing industry in addition to some insights on the Crowd1 market strategy and business model.

Crowd marketing strategies are generally not focused on increasing brand exposure, but rather on the exposure towards targeted customers. Customers are targeted based on intricate algorithms that exist within platforms which function is to match advertisements and marketing to the personal information and interests of the users of the platform.

The direct connection and approach with the target customer, therefore, eliminates the mass advertising for the general public which makes crowd marketing strategies more price efficient. Crowd marketing strategies are intended on exposing the products or services with aims of increasing interactions, website traffic, search engine rank and ultimately increasing the position and status of the brand.

A popular crowd marketing strategy is reaching customers by approaching individuals with an already established and active influence and following, also known as influencers. An influencer is usually a celebrity, blogger, athlete, or another type of social icon that is able to market and influence their large following to consume a product or service of the brand behind the crowd marketing strategy.

This strategy and method are highly efficient due to the wide array of available influencers. There are influencers for all industries and for all interests, meaning that brands can cooperate with influencers for an industry or market that the brand is integrated into.

Influencers act as digital spokespeople for the brand and they are generally monetarily compensated for posting pictures, videos, and reviews of a brand''s product. The aim of a crowd marketing strategy or promotion that involves an influencer is, therefore, to get as many of the targeted to consume the product, service, or content that the brand offers.

The key fundamental of crowd marketing campaigns or promotions is to attract as many interested customers as possible so the status of the brand creates more natural momentum. With an organic increase in the status of a brand, the brand will increase its image and website traffic in addition to its positions in search results, notably in Google, which is all contributing factors to continued growth.

When launching a crowd marketing campaign such as advertisements on social media or through influencer marketing, it is crucial that the message and promotion are carried out professionally, this includes choosing the right influencers in addition to displaying the right products in front of the right people. If executed incorrectly, the campaign will fall to deaf ears and will not receive the attention that it deserves. Attracting serious customers to a serious product requires analysis of the target customers and insights of their interests and perspectives. This displays yet another perk of crowd marketing which is that it enables brands to research different target audiences or the product and adapt operations accordingly.

Crowd marketing is intended to attract interested customers to a brand, crowd marketing is highly efficient due to the marketing strategies’ ability to filter and to directly approach potentially interested customers. With the exponential rise of social media, brands can collaborate with influencers, who function as specific digital spokespeople for brands. Crowd marketing is highly efficient due to the fact that eliminates all costs of advertisement for the general public and to the mass crowd.