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The power of the Crowd

THE CROWD is the entire globally connected world, and Outsourcing is a well-known form of distribution of workload. Together it’s the fantastic concept known as Crowdsourcing. It is used in everything from information gathering (e.g. Wikipedia), to multi-million dollar crowdfunding projects like Kickstarter, Fundrise and many more.

The digital world is being decentralized and democratized in this impressive global digital movement – the future is in the Crowd and Crowd1 will be on the forefront!

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The power of the Crowd in 3 minutes:

Business Revolution THROUGH crowd marketing

The revolutionary ways that business can be done in the new Crowd Economy - combined with the proven and powerful concept of network marketing - will in Crowd1 create unprecedented opportunities for millions of people worldwide!

The strength of this crowd marketing model will for the first time in history be applied in a way that will benefit everyone involved! The well-proven POWER OF RECOMMENDATION combined with a global crowd will result in a model where everyone will benefit!

Crowd1 is unique – we disrupt all previous concepts with never before seen income possibilities and groundbreaking ways to reach your economic goals and beyond.

This is possible since everyone takes part – When the crowd and economy grows, so does Crowd1, and with the long term commitment to all users - you will be able to grow your position indefinitely and fulfill your dreams!

The time is now! and you are here!

As of , Crowd1 has entered the exciting pre-launch period – a potentially super-profitable period for all pioneers who knows the importance of taking the plunge and getting started early.

During the prelaunch, running until mid 2018, you will get the unique opportunity to build a global business in an way that will not be possible after this limited period of time! As an early adopter you’ll be able to take part of the company’s success and a greater part of all future income.

And remember – the earlier you join, the more benefits you get!

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Crowd1 Building BlocksYour key to a passive, secure income

The Crowd1 building block concept is the tool which will allow you and the entire crowd to make money not only on your investment, but the entire Crowds’ activity!

The Crowd1 Building Blocks has a solid monetary base in the most stable, solid and long-term form of investments there is real estate.

The EARLIER YOU JOIN during prelaunch, the more beneficial the trade will be for you, as the building blocks will steadily increase in value. Also, with the immense trading growth that will incur directly after launch in 2018, you as an early adopter will be able to earn even more since the user base and thus the trading will increase massively.

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Combined, this will make sure you can look forward to generous recurring payouts, both from your own trading, the entire Crowd’s trading volume, and Crowd1’s returns from engagement in real estate investments.

don’t miss out on the next big thing!

The industrialization took about 50 years to happen.

The computer revolution was in full effect after 20 years.

The mobile revolution took only 10 years.

The Crowd moves even faster. The global Crowd revolution is already ongoing and will change everything, faster than you can imagine! It will affect every aspect of your money, how you earn it, save it, invest it and spend it. Make sure you are in the forefront of the Crowd, make sure you join Crowd1 and you will benefit from from the crowd revolution!

And remember. The earlier you join Crowd1, the better the opportunity.

the time is now!