Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

In which countries can I not register as a member?

To see the specific countries where we are unable to offer services and membership registration, please see the policies & procedures section of our terms and conditions.

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?

You can find and download Crowd1 Network Ltd. Terms & Conditions on, or at the bottom of the homepage next to Privacy Policy.

Where can I read more?

You can read more about Crowd1, get exclusive information from the Crowd1 team, and stay up to date with the latest from Crowd1 on the Crowd1 blog or the CROWD Magazine. You can also find Crowd1’s official social media accounts here: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 is an established online networking and marketing company based in the UAE with intentions on giving members all over the world the unique opportunity to take part in the gig economy, quality education, international networking, and to contribute to achieving better digital equality in the world. Crowd1’s international network consists of millions of highly ambitious members with a love for entrepreneurship and sales that provides both employment and a source of income.

How much does it cost to buy an Education Package?

The price depends on which package you choose to purchase. The white package is 99€, the black package is 299€, the gold package is 799€ and the Titanium package is 2499€.

How do I join Crowd1?

You join crowd1 by visiting and follow the instructions.

Where can I follow Crowd1's official social media accounts?

You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

My account has been hacked, what do I do?

If your account was hacked, you should contact our customer support immediately and we will try our best to recover your account.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

In case you forgot your password, visit and follow the instructions there in order to reset your password.

What is KYC?

KYC is an abbreviation of “know your customer” and refers to the process of getting information about the customer in order to reduce the risk of financial fraud.

How long will it take for support to answer my questions?

Our support does its best to answer you as soon as possible. Usually, our support will reply within 24 hours.

Is it safe if I share my login credentials?

No, you should never share your login credentials with anyone. If you were to share your login credentials there is a high risk that your account will be hacked.

What is the purpose of a Crowd1 event?

The purpose of the Crowd1 events is for us to communicate the visions and goals of Crowd1. At the events we launch new products, share news about Crowd1, host training, and other company insights. The Crowd1 events are also a great opportunity for us to interact with our members, who make this company what it is today.

What is the official Crowd1 Facebook?

This is the official Crowd1 Facebook page

What is the official Crowd1 Instagram?

This is the official Crowd1 Instagram page

What is the official Crowd1 YouTube?

This is the official Crowd1 Youtube page 

What is the official Crowd1 Twitter?

This is the official Crowd1 Twitter page 

What is an Education Package?

Crowd1 Educational packages include a generous voucher at with videos and other forms of education services for the affiliates’ own use or to re-sell. The educational packages are a great resource to learn more about the crowd movement.

What is the difference between the Education Packages?

The different educational packages offer different amounts of vouchers at The value of your voucher will determine the type of education you will receive.

What should I do if I have a problem logging in via the Crowd1 app?

Restart your device and make sure that you have the latest version of the Crowd1 app. If your version of the Crowd1 app is outdated, go to the app or google play store and download the latest version. You can also try to delete the Crowd1 app and download it again. If none of these tips work, please contact the customer service for personal guidance and support.

How to proceed in the death of a member?

For a person to inherit Affiliate status, that person will need to provide the Affiliate's death certificate, a copy of his ID document together with his own birth certificate and ID document proving he is a family member and a copy of a will.

What kind of events does Crowd1 have?

Crowd1 has both on-line and off-line events. Tickets to various events can be found in your back office under the “EVENTS” tab. Follow our official social media channels to get the latest information regarding upcoming events. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

Do I have to be a paid Crowd1 Affiliate to buy tickets to Crowd1 events?

You have to be a paid Crowd1 Affiliate to buy tickets to Crowd1 events. However, for online events, the codes you receive can be given to someone outside of the network if they wish to view it. The code only works on one device at a time so make sure you have bought enough ticket codes for everyone who wishes to view it.

Can I cancel or remove my account?

The Associate can, at any time, terminate the membership by giving a 7-day notice to Crowd1. You can do this by sending a support ticket in your back office.

Can I register a Crowd1 account for a company?

Companies can be registered as members. In the registration process under “First name,” insert first name and last name of the UBO (ultimate beneficial owner). Under “Last name,” insert company name.

How can I get a refund on my purchase?

When you purchase a Crowd1 Education Package, you have a 14 day cooling off period which means that you can cancel you purchase and receive a refund. This cooling off period will be terminated and cancelled immediately if you choose to use any of the features in your Crowd1 website. You will not receive a refund or have a cooling off period if you have used Crowd1 partner products included in the Education Package or use any of the Crowd1 Rewards in your account.