What are Elements Starter Packages?

The Crowd1 Elements Starter Packages are Packages of mainly online third party products which the Crowd1 community can use, enjoy and market, and with which they can power up business opportunities. Elements Starter Packages can be purchased in one of four ascending varieties, Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

Elements Starter Packages will include a subscription to the gaming platform, Miggster Plus, which has an extensive library of games and gives subscribers the chance to compete against friends and colleagues for prizes in regular tournaments. New Affiliates will also get a subscription to the self-learning portal Mindoe, with the added inclusion of the groundbreaking real estate-based trading game, PLANET IX and also Metaversy Packages, complete with free Virtuals and Game Cards, to give Package holders a headstart in the revolutionary new Metaversy stock market trading game. And all of this comes with the possibility to earn bonuses based on activity in the Crowd.

In addition to the range of premium products the Elements Starter Packages contain they also have the addition of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

It is important that Affiliates familiarise themselves with everything contained in the Starter Package before purchasing one.

For more information on Starter Packages please click here.

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