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Trade the Metaverse

Metaversy is the revolutionary online virtual trading game from C1! It's the most immersive trading game in the metaverse, where you will have the chance to Play2Earn in real-time. It's your new superpower.

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Enter a virtual world

Metaversy features the most sophisticated gameplay, with powerful virtual trading portfolios and a fully immersive online world. It's at the cutting edge of blockchain and crypto-based gaming, enabling you to trade, learn and grow.

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Virtual Options

Trade Virtual Options ("Virtuals") in companies that only exist in the Metaverse and hone your online trading skills.

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Four types of packages of differing sizes, containing different tiers of Virtuals: choose from Startup, Scaleup, Powerhouse, or Unicorn. Which one is right for you?

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Metastream Bonus

Gain access to the cutting-edge Metastream Bonus, which offers weekly in-game rewards that depend on how early you purchase a Package, its value and how many you sponsor.