C1 treats its Top Leaders to an Unforgettable Trip

15 Sep, 2022

C1 treats its Top Leaders to an Unforgettable Trip

What does unforgettable mean to you? 

Follow along for a glimpse into this Unforgettable Trip!

It was a beautiful warm day in Dubai, the sky that faint blue of early summer, the Arabian Gulf a shimmery aqua. Seated in a private dining space at SAL Restaurant in the iconic Burj al Arab were the cream of the C1 crop: our Top Leaders.

What awaited them? Two days of fine dining, fun and pampering. An air of excitement filled the room as our VIPs took in the view and C1 founder Jonas Eric Werner joined them. Competing with the view was the sumptuous dining on offer at SAL, with plate after plate of delectable treats - from tuna tartare with caviar to pavlova - magically appearing. Between sips of top-shelf wine and bites of wondrous cuisine, our Top Leaders shared what they love about C1, and some secrets to their fabulous success.

The golden thread running through our Top Leaders’ C1 experience is just how dramatically their lives have been changed; not just their own lives, but also those of their families and communities. Bibiana Nkatha Lichoro from Nairobi, Kenya says “I have personally witnessed 500 lives being changed through their involvement with C1. In my network alone, 30 people have become homeowners, something they never thought would be available to them”.

Bibiana has also been able to do something deeply personal: throw a big party - including an incredible helicopter ride - to thank her mother for all her support. Duncan and Reginajoy Wambui Muriithi, the C1 power couple also from Nairobi, have seen how, even during a global pandemic, their Crowd1 network was stable and even growing. Regina Joy is adamant that, through teamwork and with the support of the amazing C1 management team, better things are coming. She is expecting explosive growth!

Want to live a luxurious, blessed life? Shankumar Bhaskaran from India knows the answer and, yes, it’s Crowd1. Shan has been involved in networking for 22 years, but with Crowd1 his life has changed 180°. It makes him so happy to know that he’s changing other lives too. Jeanette Benedicto Torres, the Filipina master networker, has seen the future - and it’s social media. Events like this weekend sell our product for us. She suggests regularly posting about your fabulous lifestyle and how well you’re doing and you are guaranteed to receive enquiries.

Now we know you want to find out more about how our Top Leaders were spoiled, right? The lunch at SAL was followed by a truly unforgettable dinner at At.mosphere, the world’s tallest restaurant at the top of the Burj Khalifa. A feast for the senses, our guests were treated to the finest fusion foods. Memories were definitely made!

Sunday morning started early with delicious breakfast at Summersalt. Once again, cuisine and views vied for attention! Next up for our Top Leaders: a day of adventure and fun on the waters of the UAE. Whisked off to the Marina Walk, surrounded by the iconic Dubai skyline, they boarded a luxurious yacht for a day of sightseeing. But don’t think it was all just lounging around…

Here at Crowd1, we love adventure! What did that mean for our VIPs? Watersports, of course! The bold members of the group had an absolute blast showing off their skills and learning new tricks.

After some time to recover from all the excitement, the group were treated to one last unforgettable dinner at Ossiano, Dubai’s underwater restaurant. Yes, you read that right: an underwater restaurant.

It has been an absolute privilege to treat our Top Leaders to an Unforgettable Trip: the absolute best, most luxurious, most iconic experiences Dubai has to offer. Who knows, next time it might be you!