It’s time for Episode 2 of IX Studio Sessions

29 Jan, 2023

It’s time for Episode 2 of IX Studio Sessions

Gain the advantage and succeed with Crowd1 and PLANET IX

See how collaborations with market leaders set PLANET IX apart

Following its super-successful launch, with more than 400M NFTs sold, PLANET IX went successfully online in November 2021 with the aim of becoming the biggest Play2Earn game in the world, with a clear sustainability focus.

We want to make sure that all leaders and affiliates of Crowd1 grab the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in one of the world’s most successful Play2Earn games. Make sure that you, and all affiliates in your team, don’t miss out on this opportunity, and use Crowd1 to gain access to building up a global business network with the biggest NFT game on the Polygon blockchain.

Get your team ready for Episode 2 of IX Studio Sessions, the unmissable video series giving you valuable insights that will gain you the advantage! In today’s episode, we’ll see how collaborations with industry and market leaders have made PLANET IX a force to be reckoned with in the crypto and blockchain sphere.

PLANET IX is breaking records

Planet IX has caught the eye of some of the biggest market leaders: Binance; Chainlink; Coinbase; Alchemy; Polygon; Brave; etc. The interest of these bold-faced names cements the belief that PLANET IX is heading in the right direction and has the potential to become one of the biggest blockchain games of our time. A game that’s breaking records is a game worth paying attention to!

PLANET IX’s gameplay is proving much more interesting than a lot of other Play2Earn games, and it’s constantly evolving, adding exciting new features. One of these is the Tile Contract, introducing extra playing tiles in Mission Control that will enable more earning, while giving Genesis Corporation NFT holders better value. More Drones also means better farming potential.

One thing is for sure: PLANET IX’s vision is becoming a reality - so join Christopher, Anthony and co-founder Felix as they lift the curtain in Episode 2 of IX Studio Sessions. Don’t miss it!


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