Singapore office signals worldwide expansion

19 Sep, 2022

Singapore office signals worldwide expansion

As such, another impressive milestone has been reached by the world’s leading influencer marketing company, with the grand opening of their newest office in the global financial centre of Singapore. Yes, Crowd1 is ready to take over Asia, with the office in Singapore fitting seamlessly into the vision of becoming a dominant force. 

State-of-the-art office space

The office in Singapore promises to be not only professional and useful, but also fantastic work space for all. In an exclusive first for the South Asian market, the Singapore office features state-of-the-art training spaces and meeting rooms, guaranteed to enhance collaboration and learning, as well as cement new partnerships. Of course, there will be ample opportunity to kick back and enjoy Crowd1’s legendary hospitality, while relaxing and enjoying the Lion City’s awe-inspiring skyline. An impressively stocked social area invites Affiliates to grab a fabulous cup of coffee (is there anything better?) and a delicious meal or snack while discussing Crowd1’s impressive roster of products, or making plans for an enjoyable night on the town. Crowd1’s Top Leaders and elite Affiliates are, as always, being very well looked after: a super-exclusive, sumptuously appointed VIP space is available to them at all times. Talk about elegance!

Top-shelf staff to assist and support

Being at the heart of Asia in Singapore (arguably the hub of technological advancement) comes with a myriad of benefits: Crowd1 Affiliates will have the best of tech at their fingertips, with access to state-of-the-art tools that will enable seamless training sessions. Meetings are sure to be just as effortless. Crowd1 Management are continuously striving to offer the best experiences for their Affiliates - and the Singapore office meets this brief easily. What could be more important than outstanding Affiliate support? Crowd1 prides itself on being at the forefront of this initiative, and the Singapore office will be no exception. That’s why ‘cream of the crop’ professionals have been appointed in the office, and Affiliates can expect the same superior levels of support that they have grown accustomed to. Great care has been taken to ensure that Affiliates benefit from an office staffed with the best in the business - such as the aforementioned Support Department, but also including areas such as networking, creative and legal. The Singapore office covers all bases.

A bright future ahead

In customary Crowd1 style, the grand opening will be a major celebration, featuring not only essential training sessions and network updates, but also the best in entertainment and culinary delights. With the iconic Singaporean skyline as backdrop, specially invited guests will be fêted and spoiled. Most importantly though, the opening of the offices will be a celebration of another great resource for Crowd1 Affiliates - one that will see them succeed and grow. We reserve the last words for visionary Crowd1 founder, Jonas Eric Werner: “The Singapore office will go a long way in ensuring the continued success of our valued Affiliates. We have thrown open the doors to a bright future for everyone!”