This is Now - Our fantastic regular company update

14 Oct, 2022

This is Now - Our fantastic regular company update

This is Now is Crowd1’s regular company update, often released once a month in the form of a video, and including exciting information about the latest and greatest happenings in the company. This is Now first premiered in January 2022 and has been a roaring success ever since, with Affiliates being treated to the highest standards in production and content. 

An episode usually consists of glamorous hosts introducing the topic(s), and an interview with one or more of the leadership team to discuss new product launches, promotions, office openings, or other exclusive news. In addition, there is usually a speech given by the visionaries behind one of our partners when there is an update about a particular product on our roster. Finally, there are always fantastically produced trailers and teasers to build hype and excitement for what’s coming up. This is Now truly is a high-quality production. 

We have had some pioneering and successful episodes so far. January’s premier had an exciting PLANET IX promotion along with in-depth interviews with Crowd1 founder Jonas Eric Werner and leaders in the Dubai office. In March, our incredible partnership with crypto education platform Moon Birdie became the focus of a This is Now episode, with a special interview with the founder and CEO of Moon Birdie, Reto Moser. The latest This is Now focused on the spectacular upcoming trading game Metaversy, along with Project Galaxy, the company plan for the next 12 months, and the hugely exciting Miggster Plus.

This is Now comes from our desire to connect to our Affiliates and basically keep them informed and in the loop about everything Crowd1 related. With the company growing as fast as it is, Affiliates who act quickly are often rewarded, and this is our way to give them the best chance of success. 

As part of our plans for the upcoming months and years, This is Now is a cornerstone of Crowd1, and will continue to be so in order to serve our Affiliates best, and to promote what we are doing to people outside the company as well. With huge plans for the coming months, including the grand opening of the Singapore office, the rollout of the exciting Metaversy game, and plenty of massive updates regarding our other products, you can be sure that This is Now will continue to deliver, delight, and excite.