C1 welcomes back Udo Deppisch

25 Nov, 2022

C1 welcomes back Udo Deppisch

An industry standout is ready to make history

In 2021, one of C1’s Top Leaders made the decision to step away from the company. However, seeing the incredibly positive moves that C1 was making, and realising that he would be missing out on being part of a revolution in the industry, he decided to return. We talked to Udo Deppisch to learn more.

Deppisch is a true man of the world, having lived in 7 countries to date. He currently calls Dubai home, with plans to relocate to Asia in a few years. Truly steeped in the industry, he has 35 years’ experience, with teams stretching across 65 countries worldwide - many of whom he has mentored to great success.

Although he had exited C1, Deppisch had still kept an eye on the world’s largest influencer marketing company - and what he has seen transpiring in the past 6-8 months has re-energised him.

“The new products being launched in the digital sphere, the opening of the new office in Singapore, and the expansion of the space in Dubai - all these developments have shown me that C1 is here to stay, is unique and is a force to be reckoned with” - Udo Deppisch

Deppisch can tell that this is history in the making, and he wants to be there for all of it. As an author of books on network marketing and crypto, he can see what makes a company in these spheres successful, and the power with which C1 is driving forward is impressive to him. Joining the team of Crowd1 Ambassador George van Wijk, Deppisch is looking forward to working with an outstanding team from across the world. 

As for his main motivation, Deppisch credits his family as being his driving force. Helping others reach their full potential is a further focus, believing that if you start small and change the world around you, it will have a ripple effect. After all, he knows that in returning to the Crowd1 fold, he and his team will be unstoppable.